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I believe in the power of creative expression and the positive effects it can have on an individual, a community, a culture.






ONLY ALOHA is proud to work in collaboration with graphic designer Kanoe Irvine, to create a t-shirt to help raise funds to protect Mauna Kea. Currently, the mauna is being threatened by the proposal of an 18-story telescope, that would span a total of 5 acres atop this sacred land.  The fight is not a new one, but is getting stronger by the day.  As Kanaka Maoli, we stand in support of our ‘āina.  Kū kia’i Mauna!

100% of proceeds will be donated to Pu'uhonua o Pu'uhululu, in support of Aloha ‘Āina, Hawai'i Community Bail Fund, NDN Collective, Mauna Medic Healers Hui, and HULI, in order to support the needs of kia'i on the mauna.

For more information on the cause, and how to get involved, please visit



My favorite part of this business is working in collaboration for a cause.  And once again, it's one that is close to my heart - the fight against cancer.  


I'm proud to work with Providence Cancer Institute again this year, as they fight to #FINISHCANCER.  Each year, we use a different microscopic image of immunotherapy cells hard at work.  Immunotherapy works by using the body’s immune system to take down cancer.  The image is abstract, yet tells the story of something quite focussed and precise.  The vibrant colors lend themselves to the strength of work that is being done.  These bespoke pieces were produced exclusively for Providence Cancer Institute, for fundraising purposes.  


For more information about their dedication to this fight, please visit  



ONLY ALOHA by Ink & Tailor is proud to work in collaboration with Ho‘ōla Nā Pua on this limited edition tee.  


Ho‘ōla Nā Pua, (English translation "New Life for our Children"), is a Hawai'i-based nonprofit dedicated to supporting underage female victims of sex trafficking, through health, education, advocacy and reintegration. 


The collaborative women's tee features the texture of the native Hawaiian "lauhala", signifying "coming together to create strength", a seemingly perfect fit with the mission of the organization.     


For more information, and how to get involved, please visit


Inspired by the creativity and adventurous spirit of artist and photojournalist Dan Eldon, who was killed in Somalia at the age of 22, Ink & Tailor has designed a limited edition scarf, incorporating their own photography with the inspired pages from a collection of journals Eldon left behind.  We are honored to have collaborated with Creative Visions Foundation to further support their efforts in nurturing creative activism, sparking social awareness, and igniting change through media and the arts.                                                


The scarf is available for special order!



“The journey is the destination.” - Dan Eldon


To learn more about Dan Eldon and Creative Visions Foundation, visit

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